Energy saving

With REHAU window systems you determine the amount of heat consumption. Higher levels of ther-mal insulation mean lower energy consumption – up to 76% less energy consumption than you used to have with your old windows – *, which means a benefit for your wallet! Make the right decision in time by installing the new energy windows from REHAU. This will reduce energy consumption and save money.

Soundproof windows

Enjoy your home as a place of absolute peace and relaxation. Every day you are surrounded by loud noises, such as traffic, your neighbor’s lawn mower, or loud music. REHAU windows -with different lev-els of sound insulation- ensure absolute peace and relaxation in your home. Sit back and relax – without listening to outside noises. This not only increases the quality of life, but also contributes to well-being in general.

Burglar protection

REHAU windows do not give burglars any opportunities!
Undoubtedly you should feel safe in your home. The windows from REHAU offer you the best anti-burglary protection, having the possibility to choose from the protection category you want, thus en-joying security at any time. Take advantage of the All-in-One solution and relax carefree!

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