Polydomiki, through its vast experience, signs in its own way special creations in the market of German UPVC frames. Our company’s goal is to produce a complete range of products in UPVC frames. The complete satisfaction of the needs of our customers, delivering products of high standards, is our main goal offering at the same time the perfect aesthetic result.
Our constant presence since 1995 in the field of UPVC windows and doors production is due to the ongoing trust shown to us by our customers. Our competitive advantage is our fast service, both before and after the sale, as well as the guarantee we offer. The excellent quality of raw materials we use, the wide variety of colors and designs, that suit every space and taste, are the main factors of the successful course of Polydomiki.

In addition, Polydomiki insists on the constant updating and adoption of new technological innovations and the continuous training of its staff, as well as on maintaining excellent relations with its partners and suppliers.
The manufacturing unit of Polydomiki is equipped with the latest type of production machinery. The main supplier of raw materials is REHAU Germany, one of the largest German companies producing UPVC, with 60 years of experience in the field.

Polydomiki, through its many years of experience, signs in its own way, unique creations for your home. The goal of our company is the production of a complete and quality range of products, consisting of German U-PVC windows, safety doors, interior doors, stairs and railings.

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